I need this blog

I need this blog to write for myself and only myself. This is a place for me to share my world for me so when i have time to scrapbook i can. I want to keep this space simple and sweet. I want this space to work for me. So I am going to try really hard to write once a week. That is all I want to commit to. A weekly writing on what i am doing and how i am doing.


This year my word that I have picked for ONE LITTLE WORD is THRIVE (I will be posting more on this later this week, but if you want to know more about one little word check out Ali Edwards site here), as part of this I have been trying out to work out what my new year resolutions were going to be. And then I decided that I was not going to have a resolution coz lets be honest it never works out for me. Part of THRIVING is only doing things that work for me, and be honest with myself…. So I no resolutions but I do have some goals ( I do not believe that these are the same thing by the way).

Each goals is targeting a focus area of my life, and each month I will be reevaluating my goals and setting my self new goals depending on what has been happening and how I am feeling.

The goals I have started with are

Exercise 6 times a week for a minimum of 30 mins per day (this is also part of a university assessment I am doing)
Not each Chocolate
Do something creative each day
Read 12 books just for fun this year ( I would love to read more, but with university etc I find this difficult to)
Love with no conditions ( I will write more on this also later)
also remember to be ZEN!!!!
Write a sentence in my dairy each day to say what happened

I am extremely excited what 2016 has in store for me, and am looking very excited to documenting more on here what I am doing and achieving throughout the year.

The Last Month

The last month has been so busy, I have been on clinical placement for universtiy for my nursing degree… So it has meant some very early start (getting up at 430am is not my thing), and being exhausted afterwards and most day falling alseep pretty much after eating dinner. So I have had no time for this blog or pretty much anything else…. well placement is done now and i only have one exam left for uni and I am done for a little while. YAY!!!!!!

So i plan on blogging more, exploring more and having time for all the awesome people in my life.

Blogtember- First 10 Songs that Play

Saturday, Sept. 5: Put your iTunes/music player on shuffle and share the first 10 songs that play.


I love music…. I have way too much music.. in fact I recently moved it all off my laptop onto a 2tb harddrive and only kept a few select songs… you see everytime i have someone computer or laptop here… I copy  all there music onto my laptop… I just love having a little bit of everyones taste… problem is… I have so many double and about a million songs I will never listen too…. So I moved it onto the hard drive to one day sort threw (one day being the word)…. So the music i kept is only very recent stuff, that I am currently listening to.

  1. I laugh so hard when this song was the first one that played beacuse when I am sad this is my go to song atm. I dance around my room, sing it lound and just feel better

2. “When I was just nine years old, I swear that…” Okay All I can say is i love this song….

3. I saw this band open for another Aussie band who no longer exist way back when… There was only 5 people in the crowd…. but it was a lot of fun.









Blogtember Day 4: I am Passionate about?

Howdy… So I am currently participating in a blogtember challenge found on Baily’s blog. You can read more about it here…. I missed yesterday, as well it asked fo rus to post a mood board about your blog… thing things is I only just starting blogging again so I not sure I have set a mood or know what the mood is yet. But onto today’s post

Friday, Sept. 4: What are you passionate about?

I believe life should be fulled with passion, I believe you should live with passion in your life. There are of course loads of things I am not passionate about for example Ironing… if anyone wants to iron for me for the rest of my life  I will be more than happy vaccum in return. I love Vaccuming, I know weird hey, another thing I am not passionate about is essay assignement… this maybe because I have five more to write in four weeks. Sigh.

So there are loads of things that I am passionate about, but I think personally the below ones are the main ones.

  1. Human Right
  2. Politics in general– please don’t get me started on this unless you really want an honest opinion
  3. Eating ay cool little cafe for brunch, and always ordering the same thing.
  4. My Man
  5.  My friends
  6. Encouragement and helping other believe in themselves
  7. Nursing and caring for people
  8. Stories… everyone has a story
  9. making a difference
  10. travel

Just a little note…. I am not using pictures on my blog atm because I have a new laptop and have not gotten any photo editing software on it yet.

On being ZEN

Last week, a day or two after my birthday in fact. I decided I needed to be more ZEN, I decided that I need to be able to remain more calm in moments when things did not go the way I wanted or thought they should or when things just upset me for what ever reason they upset me.

I decided I need to be more in the moment and focus on one thing at a time rather than looking at the big picture. I wanted to be more mindful, and have more tranquility in my life…. So the word ZEN seamed to be the right word to describe this…  maybe it will be my one little world for 2016. But I think the word Zen works well with my word for 2015 which is nourish…. By the way i pretty much failed at my word nourish this year…. but we have  4 months to nourish myself still… So for the next four months I am going nourish myself.

Anyway back to ZEN,

the urban dictionary describes it as

“One way to think of zen is this: a total state of focus that incorporates a total togetherness of body and mind. Zen is a way of being. It also is a state of mind. Zen involves dropping illusion and seeing things without distortion created by your own thoughts.”

So my poor work mates have watched me this week, walking the halls making medtation hums which I needed to refocus or distress, my uni friends have had me saying all week it my zen week, i cannot focus on that right now i just need to focus on this assessment, I have spent hours colouring in and discussion with my boyfriend, well lets just say he said I am a lot calmer this week than I have been in past few months.

So I have been thinking a lot about this journey of ZEN that I am having and what I want from it and how I can achieve it. I am sure over the next few weeks and months I will share more on this, but here are some of the steps I am going to take to become more ZEN.

  1. Focus on one thing at a time. I always proclaim with such glee that I can multi-task… I love to multi-task… I love that I can have music on, while writing an essay for you, while attempting to do a number of other things. I am really making an effort to be more single-task, don’t get me wrong I still multi task under certain situation… My job really needs me to multi task; however Single-task is my new mind set. So instead of writing this blog post at the same time as doing a uni assessment or listening to music or attempting to carry out one of a number of conversation i have per day. I am just focusing on it!
  2. Doing less. I not saying I am being lazy and in some ways I am doing more. But I am learning to say no, and really only do the things that really matter. It just allowing me to get things done with more concentration and not worrying about the next 20 things on my to do list.
  3. Developing Rituals. For years I have struggle to sleep…. like really struggle to sleep, I have had many a time when I was prescribed sleeping tablets… my favourite ones were the ones which made me hyperactive rather than sleepy, not! So for years I have struggle to sleep, but I found by introuducing a bed time ritual, my sleeping has improved. I am slowly also introduing rituals around eating, cleaning, uni work, and me time. This might sound like everything has a plan and life could be pretty boring but in fact it made thing simply, which has lead to less stress as well as more free time to do things that I enjoy.
  4. Smile more. I smile at stranger down the street, I smile when I am angry when I am frustrated I just smile and it just makes me feel better, and the best bit is when someone smiles back it kind of makes you feel like you have made a difference in someone life.
  5. Have a personal Mantra. For the first two weeks of this journey, I kept saying things just bounce of me… and it true no matter what happens they just don’t get to me as much (Well unless it was related to my boyfriend, boy does than man get a hard time. Note: something I need to work on), this week instead of saying things just bounce of me. I am saying to myself self find the peace with being on your own, I was sorted of forced to be on my own this week after hurting my leg and not being able to walk. This is a funny story in itself. So I had a lot of time when it was just me and the dog I have been looking after, so I kind of had to get use to be okay just on my own… this is something I have not been good at for years…. yes i had phone calls from friends and I also had a lovely visit from the man (who I am currently waiting up for), so by saying to myself when i was on my own find peace with this I was able to work on being on my own.
  6. Colouring in books for adults. don’t laugh this has been a life saver…. just try it… until you do, you won’t understand what I mean.

So this is what I have so far introduce into my world to become more ZEN, it is a process for me… something I am working on… I would love to hear your tips and tricks on being ZEN, Living in the moment or how you nourish your soul.

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